Redheaded Slut Riding the Sybian

November 28th, 2014
Anabelle love using sex toys to please her pussy. She has never had a chance to ride a sybian though until now. Anabelle is excited about riding the sybian for the first time. Anabelle rips of her clothes and jumps on the sybian. Anabelles nipples quickly become hard as the sybian vibrates her clit and caresses her g spot. Watch as Anabelle becomes unglued having a sensational orgasm.

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Busty Cutie Orgasms While Riding the Sybian

November 27th, 2014
Kendra is a tall leggy young ebony MILF. She has never rode on a sybian and she is excited about giving it a try for the first time. Kendra quickly strip strips and slides the shaft of the sybian into tight hot snatch. With the powerful vibrations swelling her clit and the rotating shaft hitting her g spot Kendra can not hold back too long before she cums.

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Gang Bang Barbecue in The Projects

November 26th, 2014
We was all chillin waitin for the rest of da crew to show up so we could shoot some hoops and shit. There was this fine ass black momma barbequein and shit so we started to spit some game to her. She told us she was just tryin to cook some shit up but it looks like she got more dick around this motherfucker than food. We was like oh hell no this bitch was straight up lookin to fuck. The she told us if our dicks was bigger than the hot dogs she was tryin to cook we would have a motherfuckin gangbang for sure. We didnt even blink our fuckin eyes and took our clothes off to show her our big black dicks and shit and she must have liked what she saw and shit cuz she dropped to her knees and started suckin off all of us. The bitch laid back on the fuckin table and shit spread her legs lifted her skirt and we saw she didnt have no motherfuckin panties on or anything. Goddamn we got lucky as hell and shit and found a motherfuckin freak out at the park and shit. She took turnssuckin on our dicks and shit and then I slid right up in their and stuck my dick in the bitch. Even our old ass flabby motherfuckin coach got up in the shit. His white ass pounded the fuck out of her pink ass pussy. We was like goddamn the coach and shit was tearing the pussy up. We were pullin a train on her black ass like it was the last pussy on earth and shit. This bitch was a straight up ho and this slut couldnt get enough dick. Every time we pulled our dicks out of the bitch to switch it up she would start to trip tellin us we better get another dick up in her quick. This demanding slut fucked and sucked us all until we all covered her big ass titties in loads of hot cum. It must have been the first time in a long minute since the coach fucked anything cuz when he shot his load it covered the bitches entire motherfuckin chest and shit. It had to be the biggest load of cum I have ever seen get shot out of one dick. This bitch was happy we nutted all over her and shit but she started trippin again cuz she wanted more dick. She told us that we needed to put a dick up in her ass and that we were all dead beat motherfuckers since we were all spent and shit. She started beggin us for dick and shit and started yellin that we needed to put a dick up in her ass right now and shit. The bitch was beggin us and shit and started fingerin her asshole and shit. Damn this was one nasty freak for sho. It looks like we finally met our match and shit. We got the fuck up out of there real motherfuckin quick but we got her number so we could call her up the next time we had a need for a whore to please us.

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MILF Jackie Having a G Spot Orgasm on the Sybian

November 25th, 2014
Jackie is a MILF and her sex drive is kicking. She is always horny and loves playing with toys. She has heard about the sybian but has not had a chance to ride one until now. Watch as the vibration and rotation of the sybian gives Jackie a powerful orgasm.

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Tattooed Hottie Sucking Cock

November 24th, 2014
Tattooed hottie Lilane Tiger naked on her knees stroking tit fucking and sucking an uncut cock.

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Tan Long Haired Brunette Orgasms Riding the Sybian

November 23rd, 2014
Miranda is a well tanned long haired brunette that loves sex toys. She is about to experience the most powerful vibrator she has ever seen. Miranda can hardly wait to get on the sybian. She practically jumps out of her lingerie exposing her perky tits and bald pussy. Miranda mounts the sybian and Dirty D kicks on the power. Miranda moans and sighs with pleasure as the vibrations become stronger. Watch Miranda give in to to her intense sexual arousal as she orgasms while riding the sybian.

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Salt and Pepper Gang Bang

November 22nd, 2014
This motherfuckin video was from way back in the motherfuckin day. We was all recoupin up in the hideout and shit. Some motherfucker had just smoked my boy and shit. Just another day up in da hood. We had his bitch there with us and she was straight trippin and shit and we was tryin to calm her ass down cuz she was about to rush up out of there and smoke a fool. She heard that this other bitch was there and shit when her man got smoked so she got up on the phone and straight up asked the bitch to come over and chill so she could fins out what the fuck the scoop was and shit. The bitch came up in the house and me and the homies was hidin out just waiting for the bitch to let us know when to come out. These two bitches started straight up messin around and shit. The white ho put a blindfold up on the black bitches eyes and shit and then took her clothes off. This ebony slut had some massive ass titties then after she got her naked and shit she put a strap on and straight up fucked the bitch with it. Damn these fuckin lesbian sluts were getting all into it and shit and then the white ho had us come out of hidin and shit and we was real quiet like and walked right up to the bitch and stuck a dick right in the bitches mouth and shit and one of my other homies stuck his dick right into the bitches pussy and shit. This stupid black slut thought she was still suckin on and getting fucked by a motherfuckin dildo and shit then we just busted out and started laughin and shit and the bitch just kept on goin fuckin and suckin me and da crew. We pulled a train on her ass and tore that black ass up. We fucked her pussy and her ass and even double penetrated that bitch. We face fucked the bitch until she gagged and then titty fucked her too. We shot our loads of cum all over the bitches face and all up in her mouth and shit. We decided that the bitch didnt know shit about our homey dyin and shit and we let her up in the gang and shit. This black bitch was gonna be seein more of our black dicks real soon. Damn man that shit was so long ago and shit but we still call her ass up and dick her down from time to time.

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Puffy Nipple Girl Angie Getting Herself Off on the Sybian

November 21st, 2014
Angie is a sexy 20 year old little spinner. She likes playing with sex toys but she has never been on anything like the sybian before. Angie eagerly strips showing off her perky tits and puffy nipples before sliding her tight little shaved pussy onto the sybian. Watch as the intense vibrations and rotation of the sybian give Angie a satisfying orgasm.

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Ebony College Cutie Cums While Riding the Sybian

November 20th, 2014
Cedra in an ebony college cutie. She enjoys using sex toys but has never seen a vibrator as powerful as the sybian. Cedra does a sexy strip tease showing off her luscious tits and round ass. Watch as Cedra experiences sexual ecstasy riding the sybian.

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Drunken Spring Break Wet T-Shirt Contest

November 19th, 2014
Being the water boy at a wet tshirt contest is the best job in the world. This guy takes his job seriously and thoroughly soaks these hotties tshirts so you can see it all. That does not matter for too long though once the girls start ripping their clothes off to bare it all.

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