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Deranged Dr Sparky Shocking Escorts Private Parts

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Dr. Sparky called out for a blonde escort with big tits…he got Nina an ebony spinner. He doesnt let that slow him down. Watch as he use the Lightning Rod Neon Probe and Speculum to arc bolts of electricity into all of her wet holes.

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Housewife Fulfills Her Dark Desires

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

This bitch called us up asking for some big rough lookin brothas to come over and fuck her. She said she didnt want no pussy motherfuckers she wanted straight up thugs to come over to her crib and fuck her good. So me and the boys got up in the car and shot the fuck over there. We walked in and the bitch was rubbin her pussy and shit we walked up to the bitch and started stickin our dicks in her mouth right away. This bitch took turns suckin our dick and her white ass was fine as hell too. We found out her husband was out at work and shit and he couldnt satisfy the bitch. Well we would take care of that for her. I took my dick and shoved it down her throat and face fucked her so hard she was gagging on the shit. She straight up slurped on our dicks until her eyes were watering and she was out of breath and shit. After a few minutes of letting this white bitch suck our black dicks we put the bitch on all fours so we could slide up into her pussy from behind. We took turns pounding the hell out of this white slut wife and pounded her so hard she was screaming. The bitch wanted us to fuck her even harder so we did what we were told like good little gangsta thugs. Ok so now we got the bitch suckin one dick while another one is fuckin her from behind but now it was time for the bitch to feel our black dicks all up in her ass. I slid my dick right up her asshole and she let out a hell of a moan and I knew this white bitch wanted her ass fucked. We even double penetrated this bitch and had one dick up in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time. This bitch got a train pulled on her and we tore the pussy up real good. Right in the middle of us fuckin this bitch she was like I gotta pee. we were like oh hell no this bitch gonna try and stop us right in the middle of hittin that shit. We were like hell no and followed her ass in the bathroom and made her keep suckin our dicks while she pissed. We ended up covering this bitch in cum and made her clean all of her ass juices off of our dicks too. When it was all over the bitch wanted us to make sure we stopped by the next night for more fuckin. Damn I am sure glad and shit that we found this nasty white ho.

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Redheaded Slut Served Up to a Theater of Perverts

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Kayce is a wild party slut that visited Dirty D to be subjected to his seedy world of debauchery. Dirty D took Kayce to a dark sleazy porn theater to serve her up to all of the horny perverts. Once inside Dirty D strips Kayce naked showing her body off to all of the strangers lurking in the dark. Kayce quickly starts sucking the first cock she can get her mouth on. One pervert dives in to eat Kayces freshly shaven pussy while she is sucking and stroking cocks. Kayce gets so horny that she begs for someone to stick a dick in her pussy. Watch as Kayce takes on all cummers in the theater.

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Sexy Slut Wife Enjoying Her First Sybian Ride

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Slut wife Karen is visiting Dirty D for a tour of debauchery. Dirty D is going to get her warmed up with the sybian. Karen has used a lot of sex toys but nothing as wild as the sybian. Karen eagerly strips showing off her big round tits and smoothly shaved pussy. Karen slips the shaft of the sybian inside herself and Dirty D flips it on. Karen closes her eyes caressing her body as the vibrations intensify giving her a satisfying orgasm.

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Real Gloryhole Sex Slut

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Heather is a fun girl that loves to party. After a night out she wanted to get wild and nasty. Dirty D introduces her to the wildest place in town to get freaky. Heather is really turned on by the thought of sucking some anonymous cocks. She quickly strips drops to her knees and pokes her fingers through the hole for some dick. After sucking the cum from several strangers she gets so horny that she barebacks a pervert through the hole.

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Mature Blonde Having a Satisfying Orgasm Riding the Sybian

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Janine is a mature woman that knows what it takes to please herself. She enjoys using vibrators when she is home alone at night. Janine became very excited when she saw how powerful the sybian is. She could hardly wait to ride it. Watch as Janine has a satisfying orgasm riding the sybian.

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Punk Rock Girl Alex Swallowing Cocks in a Seedy Porn Theater

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Alex is a punk rock girl that is into the alternative music scene. She loves to get freaky so Dirty D is introducing her to the sexual underground. After they enter the porn theater Dirty D strips Alex naked for all to see. Alex enjoys showing off her tattoos piercings and perfect tits. All of the horny strangers quickly swarm to grab a feel of Alexs taunt nipples. Dirty D places Alex down on her knees to suck some cocks. Alex is immediately surrounded by guys stroking their cocks they anxiously await their turn to get sucked. Alex eagerly sucks and strokes every cock in her reach. Watch Alex as she gets coated in cum until every last man shoots his hot load on her.

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Kayces Advanced 3 Hole Course

Monday, January 8th, 2018

Kayce is an experienced slut wife that enrolled in Dirty Ds Advanced 3 Hole Slut Wife Training Course for a complete test of her sexual skills. Dirty D starts off with evaluating Kayces Oral Aptitude. Phase two is Pussy Pounding 101 immediately followed up with an Anal Assessment. After a deep probing Dirty D tests how well Kayce can take a Facial Cumshot for the Final Exam.

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Peep Show Girl Turned Hooker Tells All

Friday, January 5th, 2018

Delialah has performed just about every sex worker job there is. She started out as a peep show girl in New York. She shares sick story about a guy that licks another guys cum off the window. Delialah was then a dominatrix and had guys paying her to suck on her heels and put her cigarette ashes in their mouth. Now she is walking the stroll sucking dick for dollars. Cracker Jack gets all of her twisted tales of what her johns pay her to do. Cracker Jack samples Delialahs oral skills and shoots his hot load all over her big round tits.

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Phoenixxx fucks 20 guys at her apartment

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Phoenixxx is having another Apartment Gang Bang with a few friends. Such a good little Slut she gobbles cock after cock deep throating and sucking their balls. Phoenixxx shows why she is the Gang Bang Cum Queen by fucking every guy and sucking down his sticky load.

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