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Busty Black Girl Having a G-spot Orgasm on the Sybian

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Desiree is a busty black girl that is ready to go for a ride on the sybian. Desiree slips off her tiny red lace lingerie exposing her big all natural breasts and shaved pussy. Desiree mounts the sybian sliding the shaft into her eager pussy. Dirty D fires up the vibration and rotation. Desiree rubs her clit for even more stimulation. Watch as Desirees big boobs bounce while she rides the sybian giving her a satisfying g-spot orgasm.

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Wild Party Girl Having an Orgasm Riding the Sybian

Monday, February 25th, 2019

Becky is an erotic fetish model. She is usually just posing for pictures in latex or lace so this is her first time on video. She told Dirty D that she loves to please herself with sex toys. Dirty D knows that the sybian is sure to put a smile on her face. Becky strips out of her polka dotted bra and panties showing off her pierced nipples and smoothly shaved pussy. She hops on the sybian ready to ride. Dirty D turns the dials increasing the power. Becky quickly succumbs to the powerful vibrations having an intense orgasm.

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Passed Around by Da Boyz

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Me and da crew was all chillin out on the porch and shit playin some bonez and shit. We was just chillin and bullshittin with our homey who just got up outta county and shit and we noticed our boy Brian was motherfuckin missin in action and shit. He was supposed to be finding us some pussy and that motherfukers likes to grab a ho all for himself and shit. I was like Hell Naw! if that motherfucker finds some pussy he gonna share that shit cuz Im fuckin today for sho. Shonuff Brian walked up with this fly ass white ho and I let him know straight up that there aint gonna be no Solo Stabbin goin on in this motherfucker today. Brian took the bitch up in the crib and shit to get somethin to drink and shit. We waited a minute and shit and then decided that it was time for us to go up in their and see what the fuck was goin on and shit. We found his ass up in the room naked and shit on top of the bitch bitin on her titties and shit. We was like oh hell no this motherfucker tryin to cock block the homies and shit. We told the bitch if she was gonna fuck him she had to fuck all of the homies. This bitch didnt say a goddamn word and just dropped to her knees and started workin her mouth all over our dicks and shit. This white slut just kept switchin back and forth makin sure all the homies was getting equal attention and shit, and then we laid the botch back on the bed so we could tear that pussy up a bit. This white ho had no clue what the fuck she just walked into she about to get one hell of a train pulled on her and shit and me and the homies gonna stretch that pussy with our big black dicks fo sho. This ho acted like she done this shit before she was suckin on our dickd non stop and shit while we took turns fuckin her pink pussy. Then we got the bitch moanin and shit when we stuck 2 dicks up in her at once. We were tappin that ass while she was ridin another dick and took turns tearin her ass and pussy up. The bitch was lovin the shit too she was a white slut for sure and we was sure happy to have her at the crib. We ended up covering the bitches face in cum and shit and made her clean our dicks off and shit. This white slut gonna be put on the motherfuckin speed dial and shit so we can get some fast ass whenever the fuck we want it.

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Blonde Cuties Ride a Sybian for the First Time

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Lexa is a cute blonde princess with long flowing hair and extremely sexy lingerie draped over her hot body. Lexa pulls down her top a bit hikes up her bottoms and squats right onto the sybian. As the sybian buzzes her little clit Lexa throws back her head playing with her tits and caressing her whole body. Finally Lexa lets lose and intense orgasm.

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College Girl Having an Orgasm on the Sybian

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Tara is the definition of a Spring Breaker dont you think. Shes tan blonde loud and wild. Shes ready to cum again and again so we put her on the sybian and let her loose. Tara grinds on it as she shows off her nice tits and huge clit. Her clit quickly swells with excitement as she starts to cum on the sybian. Watch to see Taras O Face.

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Biker Chick Kelli Having a G Spot Orgasm Riding The Sybian

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Keisha has massive melons for such a tiny girl. She is a little shy about trying the sybian but curious at the same time. Keisha strip unleashing her huge all natural breasts. She mounts the sybian and is soon experiences multiple orgasms until she can take no more.

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Classy Blonde MILF Sucking Dick

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

Classy Blonde MILF Francesca Slurping Cum from an Uncut Cock.

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Tranny fucks her boyfriends tight asss

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

It started as an innocent nature walk and turned into so much more. This lovely and agressive tranny throws her boyfriend down on the ground and gives him a blwojob. After that she gets on top and rides him. And after that he bends over and she bangs him doggy style. They are an interesting pair.

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Shy Girl Next Door Having a G-Spot Orgasm

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Bethany is the shy girl next door. She has never played with any sex toys before. She is about to experience the ride of her life on the sybian. Bethany slips out of her bra and panties and slides the shaft of the sybian inside her shaved pussy. Dirty D turns up the power. Bethany begins to moan and sigh as the sybian stimulates her clit and g-spot. Watch as Bethany experiences her first g-spot orgasm riding the sybian.

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Black Girl Shanice Having a G-Spot Orgasm on a Sybian

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Shanice loves her sex toys but has never seen anything like the sybian before. She is eager to give it a try though. Shanice quickly strips naked. Her nipples are already taut with excitement. Shanice mounts the sybian and Dirty D kicks it on. Her clit swells with arousal from the powerful vibrations as the shaft caresses her g-spot. Soon Shanice experiences an intensely satisfying g-spot orgasm.

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