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Tight Body Tattooed Slut Wife Having Screaming Orgasms

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Hayden is a hot wife with tattoos and a tight body. Hayden loves using vibrators and she cannot wait to try the sybian. Hayden strips out of her lingerie showing off her perky tits and trim pussy. She slides her eager beaver down onto the sybian and Dirty D kicks on the power. As the vibrations of the sybian grow louder so does Hayden. Watch as Hayden experiences multiple screaming orgasms while she rides the sybian.

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Sex Toy Lover tries a Sybian for the First Time

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Jules is a hard working Mom that loves her sex toys. She has used some powerful vibrators before but never anything like the sybian. Jules can hardly wait to get on it to ride. She gets naked in no time and hops on eager to go. Jules caresses her breasts and clit as she leans back in bliss. The sybian quickly fulfills Juless orgasmic expectations.

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Naughty Gothic Girl Sharon Giving Herself an Oragsm

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Sharon is a freaky gothic chick that likes to get wild. She enjoys pleasing herself with sex toys like the pocket rockets. Sharon has never been on a Sybian before though. Watch Sharon play with her taunt nipples while the sybian sends her into an ecstatic orgasm.

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Crack Whore Gives Barfing Blowjob

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Strawberrys twisted life defines dysfunctional. Strawberry collected her murdered daughters 100K life insurance money and bought herself a motorcycle. But this dumb bitch put the title in her boyfriends name. They broke up and She went and took it from his house and she was arrested for stealing the bike. At least she admits to being stupid and learning the hard way. She tells Cracker jack this is the first time she blew anybody for money… but I doubt that. For a grand finale Strawberry actually barfs all over Cracker Jacks dick while blowing him.

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Busty Chick Having Intense Orgasm Riding on the Sybian

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Regina is a cutie with 100 percent natural big tits. She is a bit nervous being her first time on camera and ever seeing a sybian. Her worries melt away though once she is on the sybian. Regina does not take too long to let go having a mind blowing orgasm.

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19yr Old Teen Spinner Jill Cums Riding The Sybian

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Jill is a bit shy she has never been naked in front of a camera before. The only thing Jill has ever used on her pussy that vibrates is an electric toothbrush. Jill has a sexual awakening in store for her riding the sybian. Watch Jill as she succumbs to the sybian.

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Gangbang Slut Heather Pays The Rent with Her Pussy

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

So check this shit right. Me and some of the boyz was chillin at the crib and this fly ass white bitch Heather showed up lookin for an apartment to rent. I almost fucked the shit up and told her she was at the wrong place but I caught myself and told her that she was at the right place and invited her up inside to scope the place out and shit. When she got up inside the boyz played right along and we told this bitch that we decided not to move and shit but she could be our roommate if she was down for it and she could even live up in this motherfucker for free. Of course she was down for that shit but then we told her fly ass that she was gonna have to give us all that pussy in exchange for a place to stay. The bitch didnt even think about the shit and was on her knees in a quick minute suckin on some big black dick and shit. We took turns shoving our dicks all up in her mouth and then we took the bitches clothes off and seen she had a nice ass set of titties and a big ole round ghetto booty. I was like hell yeah its time to tear that pussy up and pull a train on her white ass. We fucked this white ho for a minute and shit and she was fuckin all of the homies right the fuck back. This whore was all about getting dicked down and shit and for a minute I thought she was gonna out fuck me and the boyz. This bitch sucked and fucked every single one of us and me and all the homies took turns sprayin the bitch in the face with load after load of cum and shit. When we was all done the bitch was like OK when do I move in. HELL YEAH.. We got us a live in white slut and shit and you know we gonna be tappin that pussy till its all tore the fuck up.

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Hardcore Interracial Swingers Gang Bang Party

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

So me and da boys is chillin at the masquerade party when we notice our boy Tyler done up and disappeared on us. We went searchin for his ass and found him up on the motherfuckin roof of the building with his dick in this fly ass white bitches mouth. Damn man this fool didnt even let us get the motherfuckin camera out first and shit. Well that didnt stop us. we had one of the homies run down to the car and grab that shit. This ho had it goin on too. Perfect round ass titties and ass that dont quit. Found out the bitches name was Bianca and let me tell you Bianca is about to get that pussy tore up by the homies thats for damn sure. We started rollin the film and in a quick minute Tyler had Bianca bent over the motherfuckin railing of the building and shoved his dick deep into that tight ass pussy. I was like Oh Hell no I knew right then this bitch was freak and that me and all the homies was about to tear that pussy up fo sho. Sure enough we took turns tappin dat ass and then all of a sudden this other fine ass white bitch shows up and starts lickin Biancas pussy an shit. Bianca sucked the cum outta me and the crew and then shared that shit with the other fine ass ho too. This was definitely a party we was glad we came to.

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MILF Katie Having an Intense G-Spot Orgasm on the Sybian

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Karina is horny for the holidays and today she is Dirty Ds little Ho ho ho. Karina can not wait to get on the sybian. She quickly strips naked unleashing her big all natural tits. Karina slides her shaved pussy onto sybian and goes for an orgasmic ride.

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Tan Long Haired Brunette Orgasms Riding the Sybian

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Trina is a tattooed wild woman that loves to try new things sexually. She has used all kinds of sex toys but never one as powerful as the sybian. Trina cannot wait to try it out. Trina flings off her bra and panties exposing her already hard nipples and trimmed pussy. Trina slips her pussy down onto the sybians shaft and Dirty D kicks on the power. As the intensity of the vibrations grow so does Trinas arousal. Trina squeezes her nipples as she enters a sexual bliss. Watch as Trina experiences a g-spot orgasm on the sybian.

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