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Phoenixxx School Girl

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Phoenixxx is a Naughty School Girl who wants a

Gang Bang. She eats pussy before devoring cock after cock. She even puts her tongue through a guys dick piercing. Phoenixxx sucks fucks and eats heavy amounts of cum. She has so much it

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Slut Latina Taking on a Crowd of Horny Perverts

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Susie is a busty Latina MILF. She has been on several slut wife adventures with Dirty D but she has never been into the porn theater. Susie is eager to get covered in cum. Dirty D takes her into the dark theater and unleashes her big breasts arousing the crowd of on lookers. Dirty D places Susie down on her knees and she is swarmed by a circle of guys stroking their cocks. Susie is a cum hungry slut she strokes a cock in each hand with one in her mouth. Guys start shooting their loads all over Susies big boobs and luscious round ass. Then Dirty D fucks Susies tight shaved pussy while she sucks another guys cock. One stranger shoots his load all over her pussy right before another guy steps up and fucks her hot sticky wet snatch. Susie leaves the theater a cum covered mess.

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Spinner Dripping in Strangers Cum

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Dirty D went out partying with his sister and her friends. It turns out that one of her friends is a wild freak that loves porn movies. Dirty D decided to show her a dark porn theater that was know for audience participation. Shawna knew she was going to see a porn movie but did not realize she was going to become the show. It took less then a second for horny perverts to gather around Shawna stroking their cocks waiting for the fun to start. Dirty D shows of her hot tight body and has a stranger pull off her panties. Dirty D starts the show by fucking her in front of everyone and making her suck some dick. Then Shawna is served up for all comers to shoot a hot load on her pretty face. After she is dripping with loads of cum Shawna reminds everyone What happens in the theater stays in the theater.

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Collared Slut Sucking Cock

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Jana is a cute girl nextdoor type. She really knows how to suck down some dick too. Jana loves to rub her hot wet pussy while she slurps on a hard dick. Jana works her oral magic on the lucky guy until he blows his load all over her pretty face.

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Lusty Latina Having a Breath Taking Orgasm

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Emelia loves the rumble and roar of hot rods and motorcycles. So she is really excited about riding the worlds most powerful vibrator. Emelia strips of her clothes showing off her perky tits and taunt nipples before she hops on the sybian. The sybian quickly puts a smile on her face. Watch the sybian make Emelia cum before it even reaches half power.

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Hot Wife Three Holes Creampied

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Preston sent his hot wife Sonya to Dirty D to have her shared with other men. Sonya has explored everything she can with just her husband now she is going to learn to share all of her hot love holes with other men. Dirty D gets the slut training lesson underway with an oral examination. Dirty D then invites his boys to join in. The guys each get a sampling of Sonyas blowjob skills before they slip their cock into her hot shaved pussy. After fucking a couple of the guys Sonya gives up her tight ass. Sonya is now officially a 3 hole slut wife. For Sonyas final exam the boys fill all three of her holes with hot sticky cum loads for a three hole creampie finish.

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Cute College Girl Getting Herself Off Riding The Sybian

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Hailey is a cute college girl that is eager to experiment and try new things. She has never seen or heard of a sybian before. She is going to be in for a real treat today. Watch Hailey strip exposing her perky all natural tits before mounting the sybian. Once she is on and the power is turned up Hailey cums while carrassing her nipples and hard clit.

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Gothic Girl Goes Down on Dick

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Sexy gothic girl Stella walk out on to her balcony wearing panties stocking and electrical tape over her nipples. She proceeeds to unzip her boyfriends pants. She begins stroking and sucking his cock for all of the neighborhood to see

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MILF Finding Her G-spot Riding the Sybian

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Vanessa is a sexy MILF that just loves vibrators. She is excited to try the worlds most powerful vibrator the sybian. Vanessa slips out of her nightie exposing her puffy nipples and trimmed pussy. Vanessa slides down onto the sybians shaft and Dirty D turns up the power. Vanessas nipples become taut as the sybian caresses and sends intense vibrations to her g-spot. Vanessa finds herself in sexual ecstasy as she orgasms.

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Keisha Basketball Party Gang Bang

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

We was all chillin and shit after the basketball game talkin with the coach and shit when Keisha stopped by. She is a little hoodrat from around the way and shit and always been good for a quick and easy piece of ass. Well we figured since the coach was there and shit we would have Keisha get a little dirty so the coach could get some ass too. After all we was celebratin our victory and shit and his old white ass never get no pussy anyways. We had Keisha give him a lap dance and shit to start things off and this bitch got down right dirty from the get go. After a couple minutes of shakin her ass in the coaches face she dropped to her knees and had all of us come around her so she could suck on all of our dicks and shit at the same time. The coach looked amazed and shit but we slid right up in their and me and the homies was getting our dicks worked over real good and shit. After she sucked us all off for a bit she wanted to fuck and we were happy to help her out. We bent the bitch over and I slid up in their first tearin that pussy up with my big black dick. The coach even got to get up in that shit and his old white ass pounded the fuck out of her pussy. I thought his ass was gonna have a heart attack or some shit with how hard he was fuckin her and shit. We took turns fuckin her pussy and the n I had to get some of dat ass so I slid up from behind when she was ridin my boy and slid my dick right up in her ass and we had some DP shit goin on now. We got the bitch airtight to. We ended up all standin over her and shootin our loads of cum all over her face and all up in her mouth and shit. She had all kinds of nuts busted on her ass. Damn next time we win we gonna have to have Keisha come back over to help us celebrate again for sure.

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