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Divorced Woman Having a G-Spot Orgasm Riding the Sybian

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Jeanie is a divorced woman with a lot of pent-up sexual frustration. She never really tried sex toys since she likes real dick. Jeanie is about to make a new friend with the sybian though. Jeanie pops off her bra and panties and hops right on the sybian. Dirty D fires it up and Jeanie quickly begins to give way to the intense vibrations. Jeanie squeezes her taut nipples and presses her hard clit against the sybian until she has a g-spot orgasm.

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The Bachelor Party Asian Girl Pleasures Da Crew

Monday, February 27th, 2017

My boy done found the love of his life and shit and decided he was gonna get married. We decided to throw his dumb ass a bachelor party and shit to give him one last look at the good life before he went and fucked his shit up and tied the motherfuckin chain to his ankle. The goddamn stripped we hired was takin for fuckin ever to show up and we was getting pissed waitin on this bitch to get to the crib. I called the bitch and she said she was right down the street workin at the fuckin swap meet and shit. I told her to hurry her ass up and get over here and shit. This bitch was an Asian bitch and when she finally got there we saw it was worth the fuckin time we had to wait. She had it goin on in every way. She had a tiny ass body with small little tits and a nice tight round ass. She started strippin out of her clothes right away and this bitch was down to party. She put her shit right up in our faces letting us all take turns tasting her sideways pussy. Then the bitch returned the favor and shit and had us take our dicks out and started suckin us all off one at a time. This tiny bitch was takin our big black dicks deep down her throat. We took this oriental bitch and put her on her back on the couch and shit so we could fuck her really good. She was moanin and screamin when I stuck my dick up inside of her tiny pussy. She came all over my dick in a quick minute and we switched it up so all the homies could get up inside of her Asian pussy. We kept a dick up in her pussy and mouth all at the same time and this bitch was hummin on our dicks cuz we were fuckin her so hard. We took turns tearin the pussy up real good. Then we flipped the bitch over and took turns fuckin her in the ass nice and hard. We were shoving our black dicks deep into this oriental sluts ass and she was screamin and moanin the whole goddamn time and shit. I bet this bitch never got no action like this at the motherfuckin swap meet. After we tore that pussy and ass up we stood around her and shot loads of cum all over her face and the bitch ate as much of it as she could. This was one bachelors party that my boy will never forget. I just hope his new wife dont find out about the shit.

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Busty Blonde MILF Orgasms Riding the Sybian

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

Danielle is a busty blonde MILF. It has been along time since she used a sex toy but after seeing the sybian she cannot wait to give it a try. Danielle strips out of her red lace bra and panties setting free her big tits. Danielle slide her trimmed pussy down onto the sybians shaft. Dirty D turns up the power making Danielle moan with desire. Danielle slips into sexual ecstasy as the powerful vibrations stimulate her g-spot. Soon Danielle has to give into the power of the sybian having a satisfying orgasm.

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Teen Girl Having a G-spot Orgasm Riding the Sybian

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Lana is a cute 19 year old girl that can not wait to ride the sybian. She quickly slips out of her lingerie exposing her perky breasts and totally shaved pussy. Lana gets down onto the sybian and Dirty D fires it up. The sybians shaft rotates and vibrates inside her pussy hitting her g-spot. Lana closes her eyes as her sexual arousal continues to build. Lana can not hold back long before she is having an intense g-spot orgasm.

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Mary Porn Theater Free for All Sucking and Screwing

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Mary is a slut wife. Her husband loves having Dirty D slut her out while he stays at home watching their kids. Dirty D knew that the Theater would be full of horny perverts to cover Mary in cum. Once in the Theater Dirty D puts Mary on her knees and the crowd quickly gathers cocks in hand surrounding Mary. Dirty D grabs Mary by the hair and commands her to suck every cock that is in front of her. After sucking cock Mary is wet and ready to fuck all of the horny strangers in the theater. While Mary is being fucked she keeps sucking in an All Out Free for All. See Mary take load after load of hot cum all over her face and body.

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Teen Girl Brittany Experiencing Her First G Spot Orgasm

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Brittany is a shy sexy 18 year old girl. She is about to experience her very first time on a sybian. Brittany strips showing off her perky breasts and hard nipples. Brittany slides her shaved pierced pussy onto the shaft of the sybian. Brittany squeezes her taunt nipples as the powerful vibrations get her pussy wet. Watch as Brittany experiences her first time having a g spot orgasm.

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Hot Young Wife Orgasms Riding the Sybian

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Marissa is a hot young wife. She loves sex toys and can not wait to try the sybian. Marissa slips out of her nightie revealing her perky breasts and smooth shaved pussy. She slides the sybian shaft inside her wet and ready pussy. Dirty D kicks on the rotation and vibration. As Dirty D turns up the intensity Marissa experiences a satisfying orgasm.

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Busty Gal Getting Off on the Sybian

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Karina is horny for the holidays and today she is Dirty Ds little Ho ho ho. Karina can not wait to get on the sybian. She quickly strips naked unleashing her big all natural tits. Karina slides her shaved pussy onto sybian and goes for an orgasmic ride.

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Beer Tub Bar Girl Orgasms on the Sybian

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Tracey is the beer tub girl at a local bar. When she heard about Dirty Ds sybian she could not wait to give it a try. Tracey quickly strips exposing her nice all natural tits and shaved pussy. Tracey hops on the sybian and Dirty D kicks it

on. Watch as Tracey succumbs to the rotation and intense vibrations having a satisfying orgasm.

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Pretty Little White Girl Jackie Gang Banged in Da Hood

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Me and my homies found this pretty little white girl Jackie broke down on the road in our hood. We brought the bitch back to my pad after helping her ass. Now we is going to help ourselves to her tight pussy and ass as payment. My boy drops his drawers so she can see his big black dick. Jackie never seen nothing that big before. It dont be long before she has to take a taste of some black meat. Jackie starts downing that dick and my boy goes in to tap her tight wet pussy. They bounce that bitch between their dicks like a rubber ball. Some my other bros show up and get a piece of the action too. My homie decides to break into that ass. It is so tight it she almost chokes his shit. Jackie shows she can take it tho when they give her da double penetration bam. Da whole crew have their fill of Jackies hot wet holes and skeet all over her face. Then we kick that bitch to the curb butt ass naked yo it is some funny as shit as she bangs on the door bringing out the neighbors.

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