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Ebony Queen Gets Her Freak On the Sybian

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Nisha is an exotic looking girl with lovely all natural tits. She loves to get her freak on with sex toys and is rearing to give the sybian a go. Nisha strips showing of her sexy body before mounting the sybian. Nisha quickly give way to the intense sensations she feels from the sybian. Watch as Nisha has multiple orgasms.

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Groupie Cheating Wife Fed Cum

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Claudia-Marie is a huge fan of the site and Dirty D. She runs into Dirty D in a hotel lobby and begs him to go back to his suite offering to pay him to slut train her. Claudia-Marie has been married for 8 years and says her husband is a lame fuck. Her husband is waiting for her back in the room and has no idea what she is up to now. Dirty D starts off by setting loose Claudia-Maries huge all natural G Cup tits. Dirty D puts Claudia-Marie down on her knees to suck his dick. Claudia-Marie shows she is a good slut wife by licking and sucking on Dirty Ds balls. Dirty D lays Claudia-Marie on the couch and fucks her hot wet shaved pussy. Dirty D has Claudia-Marie go back to sucking his dick to feed her his cum after which Dirty D demands his money.

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Teen College Girl Orgasms Riding the Sybian

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Nikki is a cute nineteen year old college girl. She has never played with a sex toy in her life. Dirty D is introducing her to the ultimate vibrator the sybian. Nikki slips out of her bra and panties showing off her perky breasts and shaved pussy. Nikki slides down onto the sybians shaft and Dirty D kicks it off. Soon Nikki is experiencing intense stimulations that she has never known before. Watch Nikki as she orgasms while riding the sybian.

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Busty Redhead Having Multiple Orgasms on the Sybian

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Shandra is a sexy ebony princess that loves a good time. She likes living a hedonistic life from fine foods to great sex. Shandra leaped that the chance to experience a ride on the sybian. Shandra is so excited that her nipples are hard before the sybian starts up. Watch Shandra show off her O face as she cums riding the sybian.

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Slut Wife Having a G-spot Orgasm on the Sybian

Monday, April 16th, 2018

Kristen is a wild slut wife that is always ready to try something new. Dirty D shows her the most powerful vibrator she has ever seen the sybian. Kristen strips naked and hops on the sybian. Dirty D turns on the power and Kristen is moaning for more in no time. The intense vibrations and rotation of the sybians shaft inside her pussy give Kristen a sexually gratifying g-spot orgasm.

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Salt and Pepper Gang Bang

Friday, April 13th, 2018

This motherfuckin video was from way back in the motherfuckin day. We was all recoupin up in the hideout and shit. Some motherfucker had just smoked my boy and shit. Just another day up in da hood. We had his bitch there with us and she was straight trippin and shit and we was tryin to calm her ass down cuz she was about to rush up out of there and smoke a fool. She heard that this other bitch was there and shit when her man got smoked so she got up on the phone and straight up asked the bitch to come over and chill so she could fins out what the fuck the scoop was and shit. The bitch came up in the house and me and the homies was hidin out just waiting for the bitch to let us know when to come out. These two bitches started straight up messin around and shit. The white ho put a blindfold up on the black bitches eyes and shit and then took her clothes off. This ebony slut had some massive ass titties then after she got her naked and shit she put a strap on and straight up fucked the bitch with it. Damn these fuckin lesbian sluts were getting all into it and shit and then the white ho had us come out of hidin and shit and we was real quiet like and walked right up to the bitch and stuck a dick right in the bitches mouth and shit and one of my other homies stuck his dick right into the bitches pussy and shit. This stupid black slut thought she was still suckin on and getting fucked by a motherfuckin dildo and shit then we just busted out and started laughin and shit and the bitch just kept on goin fuckin and suckin me and da crew. We pulled a train on her ass and tore that black ass up. We fucked her pussy and her ass and even double penetrated that bitch. We face fucked the bitch until she gagged and then titty fucked her too. We shot our loads of cum all over the bitches face and all up in her mouth and shit. We decided that the bitch didnt know shit about our homey dyin and shit and we let her up in the gang and shit. This black bitch was gonna be seein more of our black dicks real soon. Damn man that shit was so long ago and shit but we still call her ass up and dick her down from time to time.

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Petite MILF Cynthia Having a G Spot Orgasm on the Sybian

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Cynthia is a petite working mom. She is ready for some stress relief. An g spot orgasm is the perfect cure. Cynthia strips naked and eagerly hops on the sybian. The powerful vibrations and rotation make her nipples taunt with excitement. It does not take long for the sybian to work its magic making Cynthia cum.

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19yo Ebony Cutie Kim in a Porn Theater Public Sex Cum Fest

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Kim is a 19 year old little freak. She has never been inside a porn theater much less had group sex. Dirty D quickly initiates Kim into the wild world of underground sex. Dirty D gets help from a stranger stripping Kim naked in the middle of the crowded porn theater. Things really heat up when another woman that was getting banged in the theater jumps in to lick Kims pussy. All of the guys in the theater start eagerly stroking their cocks waiting for their chance to join in. Once Kim starts sucking and stroking all of the cocks surrounding her it turns into an all out Public Sex Cum Fest.

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Pussy Pounding Picnic

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

This picnic involves a lot of eating but no food. The guy is all over his girlfriends
sweet pussy like its a piece of pie. She sucks his dick like its a nice dessert as well. Once theyre all wet in their naughty bits they get to the fucking which is hard and fast. A nice grassy picnic turns into a whole lot more.

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