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Yasmine Lebanese Daddys Girl Orgasms on the Sybian

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

Yasmine is Daddy’s little princess and she loves being a bad girl. She is a bit shy but is excited about trying a sybian for the first time. Yasmine strips showing of her all natural tits and taunt nipples. Watch the as the sybian gives Yasmine a mind blowing orgasm.

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Petite Blonde Striping and Fingering Her Pussy

Saturday, April 25th, 2020

This sexy blonde girl next door removes her bikini top exposing her perky all natural tits. She moves on taking off her panties. She uses her fingers to please her shaved pussy.

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Goth Rocker Chick Getting Off Riding On the Sybian

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Lyn is hardcore goth rocker chick she enjoys living life hard and fast. Lyn jumped at the chance to ride the worlds most powerful vibrator. Lyn strips off her bra and panties and mount sup on the sybian and takes a wild ride that leaves her breathless.

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Cute Brunette Anonymously Blowing Total Strangers Cocks

Sunday, April 19th, 2020

Jordan is a cute sexy brunette Dirty D met waiting in line at a coffee shop. She told Dirty D she looks innocent but loves being a bad girl. She becomes very aroused when Dirty D tells her all about the gloryhole. Dirty D takes Jordan to the hole to see if she really is a naughty girl. Jordan strips showing off her perky tits before dropping to her knees to suck the first strangers hard cock. Watch Jordan as she sucks and swallows hot cum from these perverts dicks.

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Petite College Girl Ally Having an Oragsm On the Sybian

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Ally is a college chick that loves sex. She likes trying new things and jumped at the chance to ride the sybian. Ally strips naked showing off her sexy all natural body and hops on the sybian. Once the controls are turned up you can see Allys pussy tremor from the intense vibrations. It does not take long to achieve an intense satisfying orgasm.

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Anonymous Wife Ass Banged

Monday, April 13th, 2020

Jane Doe is a Politicians Wife Dirty D was contacted by the Politician and told that his wife was not satisfying his needs anymore. He setup a training session for her with Dirty D on the condition that they MUST remain completely anonymous. Watch Dirty D and his boys train Jane Doe how to utilize all of her holes to please a man. Through her training this milk toast Mom is transformed in to a full fledged Slut Wife.

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Dream Girl Secret Dark Desires Fulfilled

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Ok so me and da crew aint no angels and shit ok. Alright I said the shit. We was needin some cash and shit to get some more forties and other shit we need to survive. Ya know the important shit alcohol weed and pussy. So my boy tells us that there is this house in the white neighborhood and shit and the peeps that live there are out of town and shit so me and da crew rolled up on over there and shit and snuck around back. We was gonna go in grab some shit and get the fuck out. My boy told us he been scopin the place out for a motherfuckin week and he was sure no one was there. So the 5 of us went up inside the motherfuckin house through the back door which they left open. Damn this was too easy and shit. So we was up inside checkin shit out and tryin to find some shit to grab when one of the homies went up in the bedroom and there was a fly ass white bitch asleep. So much for no one bein up in the motherfuckin house. This crazy fool started touchin the bitch and shit rubbin on her round ass and shit. Then this fool done whipped his dick out and shit and started strokin his shit right there. I was like what the fuck you doin man. The bitch woke up and shit. She wanted to know what the fuck we was doin up in her room and shit. We told her it was just a dream and there was no way two black motherfuckers would really be up in her room. This dumb blonde bitch actually believed us and said Well if this is just a dream then why dont you take out your dicks. I was like this must be my dream and we whipped our shit out and the white bitch started suckin our black dicks. The rest of da crew came up in the room with some shit they lifted we told them to drop that shit cuz the bitch wanted more dick. We had the bitch surrounded with dicks and she was goin back and forth suckin us all off and shit. We got the bitches clothes off and damn she had some fine ass titties and a completely shaved pink pussy. We were gonna pull a train on her for sure and she was more than down for it. The bitch bent over on all fours and one of the homies slid his dick up in her. She was suckin one dick while another dick was fuckin her from behind. We took turns tearin the pussy up and then flipped her on her back and I shoved my dick into her tight ass. This bitch was lovin every minute of this shit for sho. We all took turns on her ass and then we stuck a dick in her pussy and one in her ass and gave her a little DP too. The bitch started lickin our asses and shit and suckin on our balls while one of the homies was fuckin her pussy deep. The bitch deep throated us and us fuck her mouth one at a time and shit and then had us fuck her in the ass some more. This white ho was a slut and was takin all 5 of our dicks in every hole. After a minute she laid her head back, opened her mouth and shit and had all of us cum right down her throat. This bitch swallowed every fuckin drop. This is one dream she aint gonna forget anytime soon and I guarantee this bitch will be walkin funny for a week after the fuckin we laid down on her.

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Slutty MILF Loryn Finds Her G-Spot Riding The Sybian

Monday, April 6th, 2020

Loryn is a slutty MILF in her sexual prime. She is always looking to try new sexual experiences. Dirty D told her about how the sybian is the worlds most powerful vibrator and she can not wait to ride it. Loryn is naked and on the sybian in no time. Her nipples are already taut with excitement. Dirty D turns up the vibrations and rotation of the sybian. Loryn finds her g-spot and enjoys the sexual euphoria of having an orgasm.

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Hooker Gives Barfing Blowjob

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Nancy is a used up tired old ho. She has been Married 7 times in her wild and crazy life. Milk has a longer shelf life then some of her marriages did. Nancy says that after seven gone bad she learned not to get married any more. So much for three strikes and your out. Cracker Jack gets Nancy to share some of her nasty hooker stories before he samples her oral skills. Cracker Jack blows a big nut in Nancys mouth and has her show it to the cam highlighting her fucked up grill.

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